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Air Jordan 11's for sale a come back!Triple Come Back If Jordan was back, so was Tinker Hatfield.A terrific design with a new patent leather and the return of the clear rubber sole made the Air Jordan 11 the most appreciated Air Jordan model ever released.But when the design stunned everyone, the durability and quality was disappointing. Again the clear rubber soles easily yellowed and the patent leather also tended to crack up and/or easily get scratched. Top design – lacking quality.With the Air Jordan 11 we also saw the return of low-tops. Something that would follow the Air Jordan’s all the way to the Jordan 21s (though skipping the OG Jordan 12's).
Kidney is the soul of man, how to make their own strong kidney function, a few movements can help you.
1. Sit up, my left arm elbow flexion put two legs, his right arm elbow flexion, palms up, make parabolic motion of 3 to 5 times.Do parabolic gesture, hand over to the cast, action can be slightly faster, hands when inspiratory, exhale.This act the role of the same as the first action.
2. Sit up, two legs natural prolapse, first slowly turn the body around 3 to 5 times.Then, two legs swinging forward more than 10 times, can according to individual strength, take into consideration the increase or decrease.Do actions when the whole body relax, the movement wants nature, ease, rotating body, the torso to keep integrity, unfavorable pitch.This action can be adjustable waist knee, kidney strong waist, often to practice this action, waist, knee to exercise, is good for your kidney.
3. Sit up, legs nature separate, and shoulder are the same as wide, both hands bend ancon side to lift, finger goes on, with flat from ear to ear.Then, lift on hands to underside of sensory affects for degrees, then recover.Can do for 3 to 5 times continuously, appropriate, for 3 to 5 times daily.Do the action before, the whole body should be relaxed.Lift on hands when inspiratory, exhale during recovery, and force shoulds not be too big and too hard.This kind of action can exercise, broad meridians, gets to abdomen at the same time, the old, weak, shortness of breath is a relief.
4. Sit up, loosen your belt, clothes, hands rub heat, in the waist, grinding, up and down until the waist feel fever.This method can be the kidney and the healthy waist, the waist has the vital point of du meridian, and bladder by shen shu, sufficient sun qi hai shu, rubs and so on, rub the feeling after burning, with the kidney and strong waist, relaxing tendons, etc.